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Kiteboarding Level 1 – 3 Day Course

The Kiteboarding level 1 course will teach you various basic safety rules and skills on land as well as teaching you to harness the power of your kite in the water! Course duration: 9 hours over 3 days.

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9 - 9 Hours : 343,00 Fixed
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If you are located in Malta and want your equipment delivered to your address, you can book the Man in a Van service from Briskby’s local partner Gigify.

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Level 1A

Want to master the elements and discover the amazing sport of kiteboarding? Your kiteboarding Instructor will help introduce you to the sport and teach you various safety rules and skills on land before going into the water; The safety training will teach and show you how to assess the wind and physical location, as well as show you how to properly manage the equipment; set-up; and control the trainer kite.


SEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment

Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land

Kite setup

Safety systems use

Pre-flight check Launch and land as an assistant

First piloting and explore the wind window's edge Let go of the bar

Twist and untwist the lines Fly one-handed Trim introduction

Walk while flying the kite Launch and land as a pilot

Wind window theory Inflight quick release activation

Self-land Equipment packing


Level 1B


Learn to harness the power of your kite in the water! It is time to get in the water and attempt your first water start with your Instructor. You will now put your skills to the test and experience the full potential of the wind. You will learn to use the kite power to body drag in all possible directions, water relaunch your kite, self rescue, recover your board; and become proficient enough to begin riding on your own


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