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Are you a gym owner, AN INSTRUCTOR OR A COACH? OR MAYBE A rental shop, a sport school OR an individual who wants to rent out fitness and sports equipment OR EVEN A PRIVATE HOME-GYM?

Briskby enables you to easily make money by renting out your idle, surplus or unused fitness and sports gear, including your garage-gym too, when you don’t use it! If you are a qualified professional, you can also create fitness, wellbeing and sports experiences!

You control the price and rental dates in total safety. Our warranty* covers loss, damages and theft.

*Please refer to our Warranty and T&C.

Are you a fitness lover, an occasional gym goer or an action sports fan?

Enjoy wellbeing.

Briskby gives you access to your favourite workout at any time it suits you without needing to own the equipment.

While you can still enjoy going at your favourite gym, you’ll also be able to spare yourself the trip, the queues and train in the comfort of your home.

If you are an adventure seeker or a sport enthusiast, or about to take on a new sport, you can rent your favorite sport equipment from shops and people around you, whilst those who needs to level up their skills, can book fitness, sports and wellbeing experiences from qualified professionals!

Discover how Briskby works

At Brisbky, we are committed to providing the smoothest and most enjoyable experience. Our state of the art platform has been created so that owners can benefit from additional revenue. Also, customers can train in the comfort of their own homes.

Businesses and individuals renting out their idle equipment

Briskby enables gyms and individuals to list gear, controlling the rental price, the time and date availability.

Renters hire equipment in few clicks

Renters can easily find the equipment they need on Briskby and contact the owner to agree on a shipment method and rent it.

Renters and owners meet

Renters and Owners sign the Pre Rental Form which protects both parties. The rental agreement starts the moment this form is signed.

Returning the gear

On returning of the gear, Renters and Owners sign the Post Rental Form. This terminates the rental process. Both write a review on each other’s rental experience.

How equipment is shipped

As an owner, you decide how to manage shipment. You may offer a pickup method or agree on a courier-mediated shipment. Shippings take place among private customers and owners residing in the same area thus making your rent quick and cheap!

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