With Brisbky Warranty Plan your gear is safeguarded

We covered the majority of accidents occurred during rental, from theft to losses to damages.


The Brisbky Warranty Plan


We protect Briskby’s owners by covering Fitness and Action Sports gear and equipment against theft, damage, or loss. Generally speaking, in the event of theft, damage or loss, your gear is covered by the Renter as detailed in our Rental Agreement. However, if your gear is damaged or stolen during a rental period and the Renter is unable to reimburse you for the fair value of your gear, we’ll cover the cost up to a certain value based on your gear type, location and eligibility criteria based on the current market value of the listed item (for further information refer to T&C):

Gear type Eligibility criteria   Warranty cover up to   
Cardio Machines From 250 € market value 2.000 €
Strength From 75 € market value 500 €
Free weights From 75 € market value 500 €
Actions Sports From 250 € market value    2.000 €
Gym supplies and accessories    From 75 € market value 500 €

Categories not listed above are not subject to the Briskby Warranty Plan.

The Briskby Warranty Plan covers Owners during rentals using the Briskby platform only. It is not a replacement for homeowners or renters insurance. Renters are not covered by the Briskby Warranty Plan and are responsible for any damage, loss or theft that occurs during the rental.

Make sure you follow these guidelines to be eligible to the Briskby Warranty Plan: 

  1. Photographs shall be accurate and current. High-resolution images are preferred.
  2. Listing shall have multiple photographs showing the rear, front and sides of your item. Include pictures of the individual components of the gear if assembling is required.
  3. Detailed description of all gear to be provided in listing.
  4. All accessories, add-ons, shall be explicitly stated in the description to be eligible for coverage.
  5. Owners and Renters sign the Pre/Post Rental Form before starting a rental and upon the termination of a rental agreement. A copy, either in the form of a scan copy or a picture, shall be sent to [email protected] right away.
  6. Rental pricing shall follow appropriate market price compared to the value of the gear. For example, a € 5,000 treadmill shall not be rented out for € 1,00 per day

Note: For high-value items, we recommend you contact customer service before listing to ensure your gear will be covered by the Warranty Plan.

Briskby will make a final decision on your claim, in its sole discretion, based on the coverage and eligibility requirements set forth above, any additional information provided during the online dispute resolution process or any other information Briskby deems relevant and appropriate under the circumstances.

The purpose of the Briskby Warranty Plan is to create an environment of trust where Owners feel comfortable renting their gear to the community.

Ready for a rent?

Please download and fill out our Pre/Post Rental Form and make sure the Renter fills it out, too. If you have any further questions please email us at [email protected]

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