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Kitesurfing – Wave Riding Guide

This action packed course will teach you how to ride on waves, perform important manoeuvres like jibes, bottom turns, snaps and much more.

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For those who are constantly battling waves You are in constant battle with the waves, don't really like them and want to change that; whether its overcoming them on your twin tip or learning to ride a surfboard and surf them! The wave riding course will help you conquer and understand waves both on a twin tip or surfboard.


Level 5 - Wave riding

1 - Wave and current analysis

2 - Pass the shore break

3 - Exit the water with shore break

4 - S-turns

5 - Jibe

6 - Jump on a wave

7 - Bottom turn / off the lip

8 - Ride on waves over 1m (all previous skills)

9 - Floater

10 - Snap back

11 - Tack

12 - Ride on waves over 2m (all previous skills)

13 - Downwinder on waves

14 - Pass the shore break strapless

15 - Exit the water with shore break strapless

16 - S-turns strapless

17 - Jibe strapless

18 - Bottom turn / off the lip strapless

19 - Ride on waves over 1m (all previous skills) strapless

20 - Floater strapless

21 - Snap back strapless

22 - Tack strapless

23 - Ride on waves over 2m (all previous skills) strapless

24 - Downwinder on waves strapless


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