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Okinawa is surrounded by some of the most beautiful seas in the world. Step off the beach and float effortlessly amongst the reef fish, as we take you on a magical tour of the reef. Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

 40,00 / person

Day based pricing : Tropical Surf House NAKAMA ONNA SON SNORKELING TOUR
Maximum Booking Hours : 2
Minimum Booking Hours : 2
40,00 / days
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If you are located in Malta and want your equipment delivered to your address, you can book the Man in a Van service from Briskby’s local partner Gigify.

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The warm current around Japan creates the perfect environment for coral habitat. It is said that about 415 species out of the world’s 800 species of coral inhabit the waters around Okinawa, and the sight of colorful gem-like fish swimming around the coral reefs are as good as it gets for a tropical sea paradise. In addition to the colorful tropical fish, such as clownfish, famous from the movie Finding Nemo, and colorful butterfly fish, if you are lucky, you may even see manta rays and turtle or octopus.


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