At Briskby, one of our core beliefs is that everyone should have easy access to fitness and sports equipment. From those wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle to those who have reached their peak fitness level and wish to maintain it. Being able to get hold of equipment should not be a challenge.

The main benefits of exercise are that it helps with weight management, it keeps our bodies in working order and it makes us feel great. We are always told how exercise is good for us. Now we have even more science to back this up.

Going back to basics, every cell in our body contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA is a long set of molecules that carries instructions, also known as a genome, telling every cell how to go about making itself.

It was thought nothing we can do ourselves could change our DNA. What you got was what you got. 

However, a recent study from scientists at the University of Copenhagen has found that from just as little as six weeks of physical exercise you can start a change in your muscle cell. The scientists found that through exercise, changes take place in parts of the genome that has been linked to disease. This means by exercising, our DNA can remodel itself to help keep the body healthy.

So there you have it. Exercise really is good for you. If you’re motivated to start right now go to our listings to see what is currently available to help you start an active life immediately.

If you have some fitness or sports equipment to rent out and want to help someone become more active then sign up for a vendor’s account. It’s quick and easy.

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