Currently, to celebrate our launch, we have a promo where new vendors get to list their items at zero commission for the first six months (from the first listing). This means whatever you make from your listing is all yours. The commission is usually set at 22%.


Having an account with Briskby as an Owner brings quite a few benefits. Let’s look at 6 of them.


1. Setting Of Price

As the Owner, you get to decide the price at which you want to rent out your item. Briskby doesn’t set the going rate. There is no minimum amount that you have to adhere to in order to list your gear. All we ask is that you set the price fairly according to its condition. Your item is more likely to get rented out this way.


2. Setting Of Rate Type

Just as with the price, you are also in control of the rate type. This means the amount you are charging can be set at an hourly rate, a daily rate, or a monthly rate. This gives you the freedom to price your item(s) accordingly to their type of usage.


3. Setting Of Availability

A lot of Owners love this and find the feature extremely helpful. This lets you block out dates when the item you list is unavailable to rent. For someone whose item is currently also listed to be sold, this allows the item to be available for viewing when needed. For an individual who still owns the item and is renting to share, this means on certain dates the item is free for their own use.


4. Warranty

Briskby’s community is built on trust but accidents do happen. Gear, large or small, when listed through Brisky’s site and transactions made by Stripe is instantly covered by our warranty. This means when your item has been paid for by using our platform, and the Stripe payment gateway, it is covered for loss, theft and damage. If any of those happen to your fitness or sports gear then you won’t be out of pocket. 


5. Immediate Payment

At Briskby, once an item’s rental is confirmed payment is made directly into your Stripe account. What’s more, the commission rate is automatically deducted. So, what you see is yours! All of it. There is no need to fill out any forms to claim or work out any deduction of commission. It’s all done and calculated for you. 


6. Safety 

At Brisbky, it is a priority to provide a safe environment for both Owners and Renters. We strictly follow WHO guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One measure we’ve taken is the introduction of the Pre/Post Rental form. This form needs to be completed and the declaration signed by both parties prior to and after the rental of each item to ensure 

With all these benefits it would be crazy not to list any fitness or sports gear you have with Briskby. Registration is also free and easy. Perhaps we should add that as number 7!

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