Briskby is a platform helping those to make better use of their idle fitness and sports gear. Many are being more mindful of what they buy these days. The option to rent and share is catching on.

Our website is a place to help those who have fitness and sports gear to connect with individuals who would rather rent these items than buy them.


Excess 80s

In the 80s it was all about having an excess of everything. Enough was never enough, you still needed more. Fast forward a few decades and now the opposite is true. Less is more. So what happened? Will living minimally also be a trend and decades from now we’ll revert back to buying truckloads of things again?


Less Become More

Although living minimalist is not a new thing, perhaps we can start looking at Millennials. Growing up in the recession must have played a part. With the challenge of looking for a job (when jobs were scarce) and student loans weighing heavy on their shoulders, it’s understandable why Millennials easily embraced a lifestyle that meant being cautious with spending.

Alongside this, technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first smartphone in 1994. Millennials being so comfortable with technology meant a lot of their purchases would have been made using social media influences. These posts would focus on purchases of experiences rather than possessions. Travel and leisure purchases started to overtake retail ones.


Mindful Millennials

Millennials also favoured products marketed as ethical and environmentally friendly. Any spending done was done mindfully so. The possession of ‘things’ no longer became a priority.

There are so many benefits to living minimally. Of course, there’s the cost. Or lack of it. Spending less meant you worked less as your outgoings are lower. The constant worry of whether or not you can afford to buy something is also eliminated.

Besides the cost issue, not having many possessions also appeals to many for allowing them the freedom to move around easier. Millennials are notorious for not being tied down to one location!

But even with being minimal to the max, what if you still need certain possessions to lead a fulfilling life? 


Best Of Both Worlds

If the possessions in question are fitness and/or sports gear then renting these would be a happy medium.

These items, unlike a smartphone, can be shared. For example, if someone owns a kayak, it’s unlikely they’ll need, or want, to use it 24-7. Maybe for a weekend. Maybe the following weekend. Rarely every weekend. 

For those weekends when the kayak isn’t being used it can be listed as available to rent. In doing so the owner can make some extra cash and the renter is able to experience an activity without having to purchase a new kayak.

Briskby’s provides such a place for owners and renters. A single point where it’s possible to list and view fitness and sports gear.

One of the main features is how much the owner is in control. The setting of price, the type of rate (hourly, daily, etc.) and the availability of the item is all set by the owner. 

The best is yet to come. When an item is rented, the payment goes directly to the owner’s 

Stripe account instantly. No waiting for a set amount before it can be collected. 

The rental approach enables people to enjoy various activities without the financial commitment and environmental repercussions purchasing brings.

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