Briskby is a platform that allows those who have fitness and sporting items to rent to connect with those who wish to rent! Helping support each of the below 5 reasons why it’s better to rent.


The platform is easy to use and takes only a few moments to register. Before you know it you can either be renting out your unused gear, renting equipment so you can try out something new, or both!


When Owning Becomes Drowning


Leading an active life usually means an array of equipment. Waterskis, snowboards, mountain bikes, tennis rackets, diving gear. The list can be endless. On the upside, it does look cool in your apartment, if you own it, as the gear yells, “Look, I’m a surfer/mountain climber/biker.” At worst, it eats up space and burns a hole in your bank account.


A solution would be to rent. This back to basics concept is an approach more people are embracing these days. Why is it becoming so popular? Maybe the below reasons might help us understand: 


1. Space & storage issues

Owning things is great as it’s yours. However, unless you have the space to house all these possessions, and they’re out of sight, it starts to build up. Slowly it can begin to feel like the walls are closing in. For some, this can induce feelings of anxiousness. Renting means you take it in turns to free up space in that packed corridor! 


2. No possessions tying you down

In a world where over 10.9 million people profess to be digital nomads, renting allows them to travel the world and still enjoy the sports activities they love. It would be hard to have the flexibility of traveling to various locations if you had to drag your kayak with you.


3. Costs

Whether you’re the owner or the renter there’s no denying that it works great for both parties. For those who list their items, there’s extra revenue to look forward to. For those renting, it means not spending a huge amount on equipment (which, depending on which sports activity we’re looking at, can be pricey). 


4. Chance to try out different or latest models with no commitment

This benefits the renter rather than the owner. Renting means you’re able to try out different or latest models you probably wouldn’t usually have considered. If you are dead set on purchasing, this would be a great way to try before you buy.


5. Environmental impact

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that all items eventually end up in a landfill. It’s difficult to ignore the impact caused by each of us buying too many things. Renting allows you to minimise your contribution to environmental waste. You’re able to try all sorts of sports guilt-free.

If you have idle fitness or sports gear why not try listing them on Brisbky and see how many of the above 5 pointers can apply to you.

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