By renting, when you’re not using your fitness equipment means someone else is and in doing so will also generate some extra income for you. If you want to use your gear, you can block out dates when it’s not available! For those dates, it’s all yours again.

New Year, New You. Again

As sure as night follows day, what follows the festivities of December is usually a surge of gym membership sign-ups in January. But not for 2021.

This January saw COVID-19 still with us. Teamed with the addition of tougher restrictions meant there was no rush this year for gym sign-up. In some countries, there wasn’t even a gym. They had been forced to shut in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

The first half of the year saw fitness levels fall thanks to COVID as people no longer needed to commute to work and, on the whole, started to lead a more sedentary life. 

However, many adapted and managed to keep up some sort of fitness routine. So, with the help of online classes (thank goodness for YouTube) and technology (we’re looking at you FibBit) a certain type of person was able to have their cake, eat it and not have it show!

‘A’ For Effort

This can-do attitude saw a rise in the purchase of home fitness equipment. People took fitness seriously. However, just as with the gym membership, what starts with good intentions slowly starts to wane as the novelty wears off.

Fast forward six months, places such as Malta are beginning to open their gym doors again. Up and down the country now sits a slew of fitness equipment. Unused. Ideally, this wouldn’t be the case. An option is to put these items up for sale but, for whatever reason, this action sits on the ‘to do’ pile for many.

A New Way Of Thinking & Doing

Briskby arrives on the scene offering a solution to those with idle items which usually fell into one of the following three groups:

  • Waiting to be uploaded and gathering dust
  • Waiting to be sold and gathering dust
  • Kept and gathering dust

The win-win situation is to rent! Briskby allows those who have fitness (and/or sports) gear to list their items and rent to individuals. All items with Briskby are also covered for loss, theft, or damage when in the possession of the Renter so there’s peace of mind thrown in for good measure. 

The registration and listing process is simple. Head over to Briskby to register and within a few clicks easily list your item(s).

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