Briskby, the first fitness and action sports equipment rental marketplace, finally starts operations in Europe. Starting in Malta, Ireland and the Netherlands!

Briskby is an online community where a new, accessible, less expensive and safer way to access fitness and action sports goods is made possible.

Briskby enables gear owners (private owners, gyms, shops and retailers) to rent out and individuals to rent gears, thus easing and promoting access to a less expensive, safer and more diverse sport experiences. It is an environment allowing gear owners to create additional revenue streams and renters to enjoy trying different types of equipment in the comfort of their homes as they safely join a community where members rate each other and build trust.

Many people were struggling to stay fit even before the pandemic. Issues such as overcrowding and body consciousness have often kept many away from gyms. Meanwhile, high costs of fitness and action sports gear have proven to be a deterrent to setting up a home gym and practicing adrenaline sports. We have also noticed that equipment fatigue for privately owned goods is an off-putting factor.
The Covid-19 outbreak brings about even further critical issues. For example, factors such as closed gyms, social distancing, and travel restrictions have made access to an active lifestyle harder for everyone.
Establishing an inclusive rental marketplace where people can hire or make goods available is a solution for a healthier world.’ stated Alessandro Venè, Briskby’s CEO and founder.

Briskby is a lot more than just a social renting marketplace; its goal is to create a community based on trust, where safety is of the utmost importance (when joining Briskby, renters and owners must agree on a rigid safety protocol to comply with Covid-19 containment protocols). Moreover, Briskby aims at replenishing part of the losses suffered by the industry and commercial gyms in particular as equipment is put on idle due to shutdown or social distancing rules applying to such premise; it represents also a good opportunity for private owners as they can make money out of their underused equipment.

Briskby is like a gush of fresh wind to an industry that is severely struggling. It will ease accessing an active lifestyle while making it more sociable, fairer, safer and more convenient than ever before.

With new restrictions coming into place, this is awesome news to the Europeans who want to stay fit from home and practice their favourite action sports closer to home.
Today Briskby is available in Malta, the Netherlands and Ireland and soon will expand in other regions.


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