If you are a Gym, School or Shop and you have obsolete, partially-used or surplus fitness or action sports equipment, then you're eligible for

  • Zero commission fees / for six months, yay!

  • Assisted listing process  / yes, we list your items for you!

  • Branding kit / your brand exposed to a growing community!
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    Briskby helps you create additional revenue streams by simply renting out your unused equipment at no cost. Register, list your equipment, list your equipment, set availability dates and price. It’s that simple!

    Rest assured, it is safe. Our  Briskby Warranty Plan* covers you in the event of damages or theft (*please read our Warranty and T&C pages).


    Do you need to free up space due to new social distancing rules? Have you got equipment sitting used and collecting dust? Or simply surplus equipment that is used under capacity? Through Briskby you can finally rent out of your items whenever it’s  convenient for you!


    Do you have a shop where used and new items are sitting idle waiting to be sold? Add value to that idle time. Don’t let your bicycles, boards, flying gear or fitness equipment wait for your next customer to enter the door! List them on Briskby. Your inventory can generate extra revenue for you!


    Have you got a Sport School that only works some months during the year or just at the weekends? With Briskby, not only can you generate revenue even when you are closed but you can also get in touch with new potential students!

    Brisbky Early bird promo


    In occasion of Briskby’s launch we will do something special for fitness and actions sports businesses! For the first 6 months you can enjoy

    1. Zero commission fees on all the items you rent out
    2.  Assisted listing. You just need to send us good quality pics, a description and your preferred rental pricing model (hourly/daily/monthly).
    3. A staggering visibility package*

    To find more about our Early Bird program email us at  [email protected] and we will answer back right away!


    Rent out your gym’s unused equipment to customers who live in your area. Just set up a pick up and game on!


    You list the equipment, we manage promotions and optimizations. It’s all taken care of.  


    Your equipment is in good hands. Briskby’s Warranty Plan* covers you in the event of damages or theft (*please read our Warranty and T&C pages).

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