Whether you are a gym owner or a private individual, you can list your gear on Briskby and enjoy an additional source of revenues. Here are the benefits.

It’s easy; you may just follow these steps below.

1. Create your personal account.
2. Search for your favourite fitness gear from Owners around you.
3. Choose between pickup or delivery options (if available) – you will be able to arrange with the Owner a different pick up time or location even after checkout.
4. Choose your dates and for how many weeks you want to rent the gear it for.
5. Click on pay now and checkout with stripe.
6. If you choose delivery, the gear will be delivered at your home address
7. Do your favourite workout!
8. If you choose the pickup option return the gear on time. If you chose delivery option a courier will collect it at your home the return date.

Prices are solely set by owners who decide gear’s availability, too.

List your gear now!

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